Mission, Vision, Values and Aims


Mission (purpose – why do we exist)


Our mission is to develop scholars who embody intellectual acumen and sincere piety, resulting from excellent secular and traditional Islamic-faith teaching. Their well-rounded education will equip them as effective faith leaders within the Muslim community and wider modern British society.

Vision (what are we trying to achieve)


Our vision is encapsulated in our motto:

Today’s young people, tomorrow’s leaders.


Our school will transform the lives of our students who in turn will be agents of positive change in their communities.

Values (our non-negotiables – at the heart of everything we do)










Ikhlas and Taqwa are at the heart of our work. Our students and staff put the love of God at the centre of all that they do. Our obligation towards the Almighty pervades our school as we strive to please our Lord through the service of others.


Our exceptional knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to enable students to make strong progress and reach high standards in their academic performance and their faith development.

Students graduate as Ulama (Scholars) and Huffaaz, alongside attaining high quality GCSE and A level qualifications in a range of subjects. These qualifications equip them for the next stages in their lives as citizens and future leaders.


Our staff and students strive to do the right thing and to do things in the right way.  They demonstrate and champion compassion, respect, and courtesy in all that they do, underpinned by fidelity to the tenets of Islamic faith. Their moral compass is impeccable.


Our students exhibit Khidmah. They serve their school and the wider community to improve the welfare and wellbeing of the most vulnerable; promote cohesion and mutual understanding; and support the sustainability of our world. 





  1. To make ourselves and our students aware of the obligations towards the Almighty Creator, and the selfless service of all.
  2. To produce scholars and effective leaders who understand and respond to the needs of modern society.
  3. To equip our students with sound moral frameworks based upon the Quranic and Prophetic teachings.
  4. To deliver outstanding faith-based and secular education that enriches people’s lives and equips them to progress.
  5. To serve and facilitate wider community development.
  6. To provide an environment which is friendly, happy, secure, and family-orientated in which courtesy, kindness, and consideration are fostered.
  7. To continually nurture students to ensure they aim and strive to achieve excellence in all areas.