Our vision at the Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan is to develop responsible leaders for the benefit of society. We therefore prioritise the development of SMSC and PSHE of our students in order to facilitate their preparation for life in modern Britain. We recognise that such development plays a vital role in their ability to learn, achieve, and contribute to the wider society as British citizen. To achieve this, these are a few activities the students will undertake to achieve this goal.

  • Taking part in the Faith Trail  
  • School trip to Bolton Abbey  
  • Collecting food for Foodbank  
  • Helping out at the Foodbank  
  • School trip to Ingelton Waterfalls  
  • School trip to London British Museum  
  • Street cleaning  
  • Assemblies done by the Police, Fire service, Ambulance service and School Nurses  
  • Prevent training  
  • Fundraising for various charities  
  • Visiting the Bradford Magistrate court  
  • Visiting the Bradford City Hall  
  • Sports day  
  • Open day for neighbours  
  • Students taking part in Bikeability  
  • Visiting the Bolling Hall Museum  
  • School trip to the National Apprentice Show  
  • First Aid Training  
  • Careers Fair  
  • Visiting the St Columba’s Church  
  • School visit by the local MP 
  • Festival gifts for neighbours 
  • Bus ride 
  • Visiting the National Science and Media Museum 
  • Visiting the Thackray Medical Museum 
  • Visiting the Cliffe Castle Museum 
  • Visiting the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery 
  • Visiting the Bradford Industrial Museum 

Arranging and sending old mattresses to Caravan of Mercy 

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