To seek knowledge is compulsory for every Muslim, [Al Hadith].

This Hadith provides the foundation of our aim.

Our aim is to provide good education and thus produce upright citizens. We shall endeavour to provide the best of education through good teaching and learning principles.

Through correct guidance, teaching and learning we hope that our students will develop:

  • An appreciation for secular education in society
  • The ability to think positively, precisely, logically and creatively
  • A willingness to work both independently and co operatively
  • An ability to understand and appreciate different ideas, and the ability to express and communicate these ideas in various ways
    An appreciation of all the subjects
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding needed to apply a range of mathematical, scientific, linguistic, historical geographical and theological concepts to situations which may arise in their own lives
  • A firm foundation for appropriate further studies
  • To be good and upright Muslim citizens
  • The objective of Islamic education lies beyond the borders of this world: it is to gain paradise in the everlasting life and ultimately, to earn the pleasure of Allah.
  • To provide each of our pupils with the best education.
    • To provide education in secure Islamic environment, which develops, full potential through love of learning and encouraging pupils to apply intellectual, physical and/or creative effort and to think and learn for themselves.
    • To nurture self-respect confidence and raise self-esteem of pupils as Muslims, enabling them to integrate successfully in a multicultural society without compromising there Islamic beliefs whilst appreciating the values and ascertaining a broad understanding of the diverse ways of life
    • To provide an understanding of Islam and other cultures so that this promotes tolerance and respect for other faiths and cultures as well.
    • Teach and promote the English, Urdu and Arabic languages to a professional standard so that all the students become confident, effective & fully conversant in these languages and thereby are able to communicate with the majority of the UK Muslim communities.
    • Ensure professional standards of higher Islamic and secular studies in the following faculties:
    • To be a centre of academic excellence, ensuring that all pupils increase their probability entering higher education. Appropriate career guidance.
    • Provide pupils with a broad knowledge of public institutions and services.
    • Provide a safe and secure accommodation with an Islamic environment that includes pupils to develop a holistic Islamic way of life. This is ensured through correct perusal of various policies.
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