Direct Debit information 

For Foreigners

Sort Code: 40-13-15

Account Number:14134753

For Unique Reference please ring into the office

IBAN Number: GB46 HBUK 4013 1514 1347 53

BIC 8/Swift Code:HBUK GB4B

BIC 11:HBUK GB41 02W


Direct Debit dates and amounts

Please note the above amounts do not include; any subsidiary amounts such as, admission fees, deposit for contingency, school resources etc.

Direct Debit payments/Standing orders, are to be paid before the first of every month including any missed payments. You will need a unique reference for your child which can be obtained from

Moulana Gulam Sahib. This is very important as this will show on our bank statement.

Please note that the fees are set on the basis of an annual charge. It is only for the convenience of parents that we collect monthly instalments. Each instalment is due for payment by the first day of each month.

Please see the table above.


The following items will usually be charged as supplemental to the Fees:

  • Madrasah kitaabs
  • School resources Money – for school text books, resources etc.
  • GCSE and GCE examination fees
  • Co-curricular activities such as trips and visits,
  • Use of the laundry facility
  • Additional charges incurred by the School in providing for the special educational needs of your child
  • Other charges may be applied i.e. dry cleaning, travel to hospital / orthodontic appointments etc.
  • Other costs notified to you by the School

Please ask Admissions staff for further details.

All fees are payable in advance, before the first day of the term for which they are due. Monthly payments may be paid in  advance, for example paying on 1st September, October, November for the 1st term and so on.

There is an allowance on the tuition fees for second siblings as long as an older child is at the School. This will be calculated on the net general fees and will apply to both boarders.

A full term’s notice in writing is required before the removal of a pupil. Various methods of paying fees are available, including monthly instalments. Details may be obtained from the Bursar.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to alter fees without notice before or after a pupil’s admission. However, every effort will be made to give a term’s notice of variation.

The entry of a pupil’s name in the Admissions Register marks a binding contract between the pupil, his parent(s)/guardian(s) and the Darul Uloom. That the pupil will be commencing studies at the Darul Uloom. Both pupil and parent(s) will uphold all rules and regulations current and in future. This includes paying fees on time and any other supplemental charges to fees, as mentioned above.  Please note refusal to pay fees may result in termination of your child’s admission. (Please see application form for further information.)


In common with other independent schools, when a pupil joins the School a deposit is required which will be credited to the pupil’s account and returned after he has left the School. The deposit fee is a contingency amount for any damages made by the pupil.


Admission fees are not refundable in the event of the pupil’s name being withdrawn from the Admissions Register at any stage prior to the time when the pupil is due to start or after the pupil starts. In addition, notice of withdrawal of less than one full term may incur the liability of one term’s fees in lieu of notice.


All cheques should be made payable to ‘Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan’. We also accept direct bank transfers please contact the Fees Office/Bursar for our bank details.

Personal Effects: Pupils’ possessions, effects and baggage are not insured by the Governors against loss or damage, either on school property, elsewhere or in transit to and from school. Parents are strongly advised to obtain such insurance which can usually be done simply through an extension on their own policies.